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We proudly offer lot of flavors of Genuine Bogetech E-Liquid, One of the World’s Best Selling E-Liquid | E-Juice!
We carry all of the popular tobacco flavors like USA Mix & Turkish Tobacco as well as a range of mouth watering flavors like Watermelon, Cappuccino, Pineapple, Menthol and lots more.

Our Dekang E-Liquid contains high quality “Food Grade” PG (Propylene Glycol) and/or VG (Vegetable Glycerin), Natural Flavorings, and Natural Extracts.
Our Dekang E-Liquids are available in three strengths of Nicotine:

(24mg High) (18mg Medium) (11mg Low) (0mg NO Nicotine)


This apple e-juice is made with a very realistic tasting apple flavor that will certainly impress. A tasty addition to your arsenal of e-liquid.


This rare fruit is very difficult to find as its very fragile when ripe, now you can get the same blackberry flavour that is sweet, tart, and fruity in our e-liquid.


Blueberries are one of the tastiest fruits on the planet. Now you can vape it! This premium Blueberry ejuice from Dekang is made with a premium quality blueberry flavoring that really hits the spot. It is sweet and realistic, yet doesn’t overwhelm. Excellent juice to have on hand


Get this creamy, espresso-infused Cappuccino E-Juice for your after-dinner vape, or morning coffee break vape. Maybe it’s a late evening, sweet snack that you are hankering for

Caramel Mocha

A realistic Mocha Coffee flavored ejuice that has been a favorite of e-smokers since the beginning. It’s a bold mocha flavor with irresistable caramel undertones.


Cherry flavored ejuice is very popular flavor that is loved by many who use electronic cigarettes. It has a nice taste of cherry flavoring that is not too strong and hits all the right notes. A must have for anyone partial to fruit flavored eliquid.


A realistic Mocha Coffee flavored e-juice that has been a favorite of e smokers since the beginning. It’s a bold mocha flavor with irresistible coffee undertones and a mild finish. A perfect e-juice to have on hand if you love coffee.


This premium e-liquid has a sweet juicy mango flavor that is sure to please. Anyone who loves the taste of mangos will be pleasantly surprised at how real tasting this ejuice is. Mouth watering mangos for your electronic vaporizer.


This is Dekang’s version of a straight up menthol with nothing else in the way. It’s cool and refreshing flavor is a pleasurable treat for anyone seeking a plain menthol ejuice. Former menthol smokers will particularly like this flavor.


Everyone loves Peaches! This is a very tasty peach flavored e-juice that has been loved and vaped by many. Dekang’s Peach flavored e-liquid is sure to please!

Pina Colada

Coconut and Pineapple at it’s finest. This Pina Colada flavored e-liquid from Dekang is sweet and flavorful. Many vapers have claimed that this is the best tasting fruit flavored vape around.


This beautiful, delicate red coloured fruit has a sunny flavour that reminds one of summertimes. It has an intense yet delicate flavour that goes well with almost anything. This e-liquid is also ideal in parties where people will swoon around you thanks to this aromatic delicacy. Its a favourite with people who are always in crowds.


A few drags of this tropical delicacy should transport you to a Hawaiian vacation. It’s the ideal flavour to chill with and transport your soul to another destination. Its strong aroma will set your senses sailing and the flavour is so fresh, sweet and fruity you will just love it. Now you dont even have to suffer a sour tounge that is accompanied by an overdose of the actual fruit.


Your favorite energy drink is right at your finger tips. Red Bill flavored e-liquid from Dekang tastes identical to the very popular drink Red Bull lovers, try it for yourselves, we know you will enjoy it. Sorry, no caffeine buzz.


Flavorful strawberry blend is infused in this premium e-liquid from Dekang. Strawberry flavored e-juice has been a long time favorite fruit flavor among many electronic cigarette users. It’s a realistic strawberry that is not overly sweet and just right.

Turkish Tobacco

A staple tobacco e-liquid flavor in the e cigarette world, Turkish Blended e-juice from Dekang is an aromatic and slightly spicy smoke juice with familiar Oriental (Turkish) tobacco notes. Any tobacco e-juice lover will appreciate its bold, rich tobacco flavor.


Also called Marl (USA Mix), Marlboro flavor, Straight up American tobacco flavor. Dekang USA Mix is the perfect tobacco ejuice for anyone who is looking for a cigarette flavor. Many vapers credit this eliquid with helping them switch from conventional cigarettes to vaping.


Summer time fruit is right at your finger tips. Dekang Watermelon eliquid is a refreshing flavor that has been a favorite amongst many e smokers from the beginning. This popular fruit flavored eliquid is nothing short of excellent.

4 reviews for BOGE E-LIQUID [$40TT]

  1. Ecig Express i must say have some of the best flavors. i can tell its original Bogetech e-liquid. I used to live in the USA but returned to Trinidad, was worried i wont get me juices. Thank you guys for being my supplier here in sweet Trini. I love the menthol, Strawberry and also Blueberry. The other flavors are great as well but love those the most.

  2. These are the original liquids…Hazelnut, Blueberry and mango are flavours simply to die for!!!! Great work Ecig Express…thanks to you I haven’t smoked cigarettes in over 2 years!!!!!

  3. Your product is completely the best in the market. The menthol liquid is just awesome, I have tried other companies menthol and it tasted like menthol crystals. Your company menthol is just very flavorful. Must comment on the Strawberry and the other berry flavors as well – love them all. Peach, watermelon, vanilla boy oh boy love the. Mango is spot on flavor. Thank you Ecig Express

  4. darn your company menthol is the best i tasted in Trinidad. other companies one taste like menthol crystals

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